Wirtschaftsjunioren (JCI) Berlin-Brandenburg

Currently, 10 districts in four IHK chamber districts are active in our state association.
Our voluntary commitment is also supported by the full-time staff of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Cottbus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the East Brandenburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Potsdam Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In many projects, this creates real teamwork, with added value for both sides. We are very grateful for this.

Robert Pape
Robert PapeKreissprecher WJ Brandenburg
John Braun
John BraunKreissprecher WJ Berlin
Bettina Möbes
Bettina MöbesKreissprecher WJ Cottbus
Melanie DahlkeKreissprecherin WJ Teltow-Fläming
Maximilian Lenardt
Maximilian LenardtKreissprecher WJ Potsdam
Stephan Borchert
Stephan BorchertKreissprecher WJ Havelland
Florian Birkholz
Florian BirkholzKreissprecher WJ Oberhavel
Anna Böing
Anna BöingKreissprecher WJ Ostbrandenburg
Andreas MüllerKreissprecher WJ Ostprignitz-Ruppin
Konrad Ahrendt
Konrad AhrendtKreissprecher WJ Prignitz


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