Network & Partner

In order for the good ideas and projects to find their addressees, good and reliable partners are needed. Ever since the Federal Republic of Germany came into being and was founded, the Junior Chamber of Commerce has been supported by the Chamber organisation.

The idea of motivating and inspiring young entrepreneurs to get involved in society is as old as our democracy. It is important to develop this continuously and steadily.

Zahlen & Fakten

Präsident: Ryubun Kojima 2021
Arrey L. Obenson
Standort: 15645 Olive Blvd., Chesterfield, MO 63017, USA
Zahl der Mitglieder: ca. 200.000
Gegründet: 1915

Die Idee

Die Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland sind Teil des internationalen Verbandes „Junior Chamber International“. Dieser umfasst mehr als 100 Nationalverbände mit rund 200.000 Mitgliedern, die sich – ähnlich wie die Wirtschaftsjunioren in Deutschland – ehrenamtlich für die Gesellschaft engagieren und insbesondere junge Unternehmer und Führungskräfte für gesellschaftliches Engagement und ein werteorientiertes Unternehmertum begeistern wollen. Die Geschäftsstelle von JCI Europe hat ihren Sitz in Berlin – unter dem Dach der WJD.

Gegründet von Henry Giessenbier

JCI hat mit den Vereinten Nationen eine Partnerschaft seit 1954. Aktuell arbeiten beide Organisationen im Rahmen der Millenium-Entwicklungsziele zusammen. Im Rahmen des Deutsches Global Compact sollen die Prinzipien der Corporate Social Responsibility weiterentwickelt werden.

DIHK – Umbrella organisation of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce

Location: Haus der Wirtschaft, Breite Straße 29, 10178 Berlin
Federal Office WJD: Laura Jorde

DIHK – Umbrella organisation of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce

Facts & Figures

President: Peter Adrian
Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Martin Wansleben
Location: Haus der Wirtschaft, Breite Straße 29, 10178 Berlin
Number of companies: approx. 3,000,000
Founded: 1861


Why & Wherefore.

The Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) is the umbrella organisation of the 82 Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHK’s). All German companies in Germany – with the exception of handicraft businesses, liberal professions and agricultural businesses – are by law members of a chamber of industry and commerce. Therefore, the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce speaks for over three million entrepreneurs. Members of the chamber organisation are companies of all sizes and from all sectors: the international corporation as well as the medium-sized owner-managed company. This gives the DIHK great political weight as a top organisation. It is not the representative of a specific group of entrepreneurs, but of the entire commercial sector in Germany.

Facts & Figures

President: Peter Heydenbluth
Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Dr. Mario Tobias
Location: , Breite Straße 2a-c, 14467 Potsdam
Number of companies: approx. 79,000
Founded: 1898
WJ contact: Daniel Hönow


Who we are – our self-image:
The Chamber organisation wants to remain a decisive, shaping force in the development of Germany as a business location. That means:

critical partner of politics
independent advocate of the market
customer-oriented service provider

What we want – our goals:

Germany to be competitive, innovative and open
Germany should be one of the three leading locations worldwide

Facts & Figures

President: Dr Ulrich Müller
Chief Executive Officer: Gundolf Schülke
Location: Puschkinstraße 12 b, 15236 Frankfurt/Oder
Number of companies: approx. 200,000
Founded: xxx
Contact person WJ: Gudio Noack

Facts & Figures

President: Dr Ulrich Müller
Chief Executive Officer: Gundolf Schülke
Location: Puschkinstraße 12 b, 15236 Frankfurt/Oder
Number of companies: approx. 200,000
Founded: xxx
Contact person WJ: Gudio Noack

Facts & Figures

President: Sebastian Stietzel
Chief Executive Officer: Jan Eder
Location: Ludwig Erhardt House, Fasanenstrasse 85, 10623 Berlin
Number of companies: approx. 200,000
Founded: 1902
WJ contact: Anna F. Berger


I. We are the common house of Berlin’s business community

We are the network of the economy, open to all Berlin companies, supported by 500 honorary entrepreneurs in the plenary assembly, presidium, committees and working groups of the IHK and around 3,000 honorary examiners. We are more than 274,300 companies with around one million employees. We are also 200 full-time IHK employees who work hard for Berlin’s economy.

As an entrepreneurial organisation, we replace state administration by doing it ourselves.

As the voice of the business community to politicians, we strengthen Berlin as a business location.

As a service provider, we support businesses with services and benefits. In doing so, we do not compete with our member companies.

The following applies to our self-image

Our actions are guided by our commitment to the interests of the whole.
Independence from individual interests and party politics makes us credible.
The market economy is the basis of the perspectives we present.
Commitment to the city of Berlin is our obligatory mission.
Self-responsibility shapes our actions.
And: Legal membership of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce obliges us to perform in a special way.

II. We make ourselves strong for Berlin’s economy

We are the voice of Berlin’s economy and thus a shaping force in the development of the German capital into a competitive and innovative economic region. We help companies to take advantage of opportunities and meet the challenges posed by structural change and the city’s regained central position in Europe. We work to make Berlin-Brandenburg one of Europe’s leading economic and knowledge regions.

As an independent advocate of the market, we support fair competition among companies. We relieve and support the state through self-financed and self-organised public tasks, e.g. in vocational training and the promotion of exports.
As a critical partner of politics, we demand entrepreneurial freedom where state activity has got out of hand. We call for the reduction of bureaucracy and deregulation and advocate framework conditions that give the economy more room to breathe.
As a customer-oriented service provider, we make our members stronger in competition through advice and action. For example, we promote innovation and business start-ups because there can never be enough entrepreneurial activity in our society.

III We are an entrepreneurial organisation – customer- and service-oriented

In fulfilling our tasks, we are guided by our members and benefit from the practical experience of the entrepreneurs who volunteer their time to the IHK. Both the fulfilment of sovereign tasks, the consultation of politics and the offer of our services are carried out in a business-oriented, efficient, cost- and customer-oriented manner.

We approach our customers. Our services and advice are geared to the needs of our customers. We work competently and efficiently – also on site in the districts.
We cooperate in a spirit of partnership. We strengthen the regional economy by cooperating with the voluntary entrepreneurs in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Berlin Chamber of Crafts and the business associations in the city.

We treat each other fairly. We work in an open atmosphere. Commitment, trust and team spirit in dealing with each other guide our actions and determine our corporate culture. Modern management tools are the basis for achieving our corporate goals together. Annual work programmes give our work and its financing fixed goals.

Our goal is the success of Berlin’s companies!


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