Department Digital

Department Digital

Markus Orlinski

“The Wirtschaftsjunioren Berlin-Brandenburg have huge opportunities and potential. Digital exchange, collaboration and networking are key factors that need to be progressively
and strengthen progressively. It is not only a matter of providing the technical basis, but also of using it with the necessary know-how.”



In the following, some of the projects and focal points of the department’s work are presented.

Confluence WJBB

  • Now the rollout for the circles is official.
  • Accordingly, I would like to onboard all those who want to and support them in using Confluence.
  • It is my concern to strengthen and promote the cooperation between the circles.
  • If joint projects come about via Confluence, that would be a resilient, measurable goal.

Platform for WJBB

  • The board, circles and members should have a platform on which colloborative work and joint knowledge transfer should be possible.
  • All circles that support this should be onboarded here.
  • Training & education as often as necessary

Alternative to Vereinonline?

  • There is a lack of an alternative to a suitable tool for association management that is not called Vereinonline. Furthermore, there is a lack of reliable and sustainable cooperation between the districts in many respects and the sharing of information. For example, dates. As long as there is no alternative, we will stay with the tool we have. In the long term, we are open to alternatives.

Development of external view

  • I would like to strengthen, actively use and expand the newsletter and website tools introduced in 2021 together with the LaVo. I would also like to optimise all processes, especially with our new public relations department.