Restart Twinning-Speed-dating Potsdam and Wroclaw

Save the date! Twinning (Städtepartnerschaft)

Restart twinning-speed-dating Potsdam and Wroclaw(Breslau)

English speaking online event only!

When: 11.11.2021, 18:30 online

We are excited to announce, that the WJ Potsdam and JCI Wroclaw are planning to have a future cooperation and twinning. ( Städtepartnerschaft).

The goal will be to network, establish partnerships, relationships, create events and visits together. The board members of Potsdam and Wroclaw are in the middle of creating more ideas where to take this twinning.
Therefore, more details will follow soon.

However, on November 11th everyone is invited to join the speeddating, in order to meet follow JCI members online!
This will be the start to a great twinning!