Department Work, education and the future

Department Work, education and the future

Mike Zieseler


In addition to the interface with the well-known federal projects, the Department of Work, Education and the Future is also developing a lively exchange of projects between the member groups in Berlin and the state of Brandenburg. As a result, WJD projects such as “WWW”, “Ausbildungs-Ass” or “Jugend stärken” (Strengthening Youth) meet, for example, the “Schule der Löwen” (School of Lions) from the WJ Oberhavel or “Business@School” from the WJ Ostbrandenburg.

In addition, the national projects “Unternehmen Vielfalt” (“Charta der Vielfalt” / German Diversity Day) and the “World CleanUp Day” are coordinated by the Department of Labour, Education and Future.

Are you planning to implement one of the above projects in 2022? Then get in touch with your district spokesperson or directly with the national executive committee.