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National Chairperson

The junior economists in Berlin and Brandenburg are united by common goals, shared ideas and values as well as a great personal commitment to our region. True to Ludwig Erhardt’s motto: “Not everything is business, but without business everything is nothing.” – we shape our region for the better, support young people and are the contact for politics and administration – as the voice of Berlin and Brandenburg’s young business community!

Svenja König

Our topics

We want things to move in our country. That’s why we get things done – with our voluntary commitment. Throughout the state, our projects ensure better education, innovative entrepreneurship, more cohesion and quality of life – and strengthen Berlin-Brandenburg as a business location.

In order to achieve these goals, we have specifically chosen thematic areas in which we are involved:

Start-up & Entrepreneurship
From start-up to succession, we are committed to sustainable entrepreneurial success.

Economy & Education

We explain economic contexts at schools and are involved in educational projects for the transition to working life.

Digitalisation & Innovation

We act sustainably and shape the digital transformation as entrepreneurs and leaders.

Career & Family

We bear social responsibility and are committed to a functioning work-life balance.

What we do

Volunteering, social responsibility and economic education are fundamental principles for us. The juniors get actively involved in projects and organise various events such as:

  • Discussions and round tables
  • Company visits
  • Workshops & trainings
  • Social engagement
  • Exchange with local politics